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Turbidity meter, Vos Rota 90/25 and Vos Rota 90 modifications

The beer turbidity is very hard to define as a concept. As a matter of fact, it is the desired or not desired result of colloidal particles content in the beer due to such compounds as proteins, polyphenols, as well as partially carbohydrates. The beer turbidity can be measured by nephelometry by means of comparison with standard formazine solution. Comparison process can be influenced by many factors (e.g. beer color, bottle color, lightwave length, as well as optical instruments specifications).

Turbidity meters of Vos Rota 90 and 90/25 modifications incorporate the latest standards from MEBAK regarding lightwaves length and optical specifications. Measurements at different angles are performed on the basis of scattered light principle and provide comprehensive picture of the number and dimensions of colloidal particles contained in the beer. Contemporary electronic instrumentation of Vos Rota 90/25 and Vos Rota 90 devices provides personnel with a lot of possibilities, such as, for example, storage of calibration curves and selection of desired measurement units. Along with that, electronic instrumentation simplifies operation of these devices.

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