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Keg washing quality control monitor, Keg Monitor modification

Interior keg washing is the most important step before it is filled with beer.

To avoid risk of quality deterioration, keg should be washed and sterilized. By doing so quality and shelf life period of the product filled therein can be guaranteed. This is precisely why it is very important to control correct operation of keg washing plant. Keg monitor provides possibility to check keg washing plant operation. Such check is carried out by means of temperature, pressure and time measurement in the prepared keg normally used in production during its travel through the washing plant.

Keg monitor can be used for checking of initial conditions before the first keg is filled with beer, for optimization of several stages of washing/sterilizing processes, as well as for prevention of unnecessary energy consumption, monitoring and optimization of filling process, checking of each washing/filling head condition, checking of steam condition.

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