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Inpack 2000 CO2 meter and Inpack 2000 CO2 calculator

Having a compact, ergonomic and modular design Inpack 2000 series products are safe and easy to operate in breweries or soft drinks laboratories.

Inpack 2000 series devices are designed for precise measurement of CO2 and air content in the headspace volume as well as for measurement of the total air content in bottles and cans. Determination of CO2 content is performed by measurement of equilibrium pressure and temperature in bottles and cans. Devices for determination of CO2 content in cans or bottles are available in two modifications: ICM CO2 content meter (analog modification) and ICC CO2 content calculator (digital modification).

To perform air content measurement Inpack 2000 CO2 meter and Inpack 2000 CO2 calculator can be used in combination with IAM air meter. To measure air, the headspace gas is collected in the measuring burette where CO2 is absorbed and air content can be measured.

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