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Foam stability tester, Nibem-T modification

Nibem-T foam stability tester provides a possibility to effectively determine foam stability ensures good repeatability of results and requires minimal efforts. Foam is a colloidal system which can be in gaseous and liquid states and which is impacted by many product-dependent factors. However in the course of analysis it is also impacted by many external factors from the very beginning of foam formation.

The Nibem-T device performs quantitative measurement of foam stability through tracking of foam collapse parameters at certain intervals of time. Simultaneously the Nibem-T device pays particular attention to minimization of external factors impact which can affect results repeatability. To safeguard the measurement process from air movement and draughts in the laboratory, the Nibem-T device is equipped with transparent Plexiglas door. The beer temperature difference can be adjusted by programming the temperature exposure forgiveness factor.

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